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Now more than ever, golf clubs need innovative ways to attract revenue and new customers.

We can help you to:

  • Explore development opportunities
  • Enhance club revenue
  • Create a new client base
  • Fund capital investment projects

There are many ways golf clubs can use land for financial gain without impacting the game, including:

It can be in the best interests of the club to relocate – financially as well as for the game. We have extensive experience in this process and can quickly evaluate whether your club is a candidate.

For previous relocation projects, we have overseen the entire process, from sales negotiations, planning, acquisition of an alternative space and course design and build.

See our Case Studies here and here.

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Giving over an amount of golf club land to housing can generate financial gains.

Smaller residential projects can be a quick solution. Weller and Feilden + Mawson LLP Architects can work with independent, local housing developers to design plans and gain permission relatively quickly and come up with solutions for your golf course remaining in use during all stages of project delivery.

Larger housing projects, including course relocation to facilitate housing development, can have the potential for significant financial gains.

See our Case Studies here and here.

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An attractive plot of lodges can be quickly designed, approved and built to enhance your golf course, and bring in revenue either through sales – offering unique opportunities to your members – or through holiday rentals.

If you have more space, sensitively designed holiday/caravan parks, with sports and leisure facilities as an option, can bring in a steady, year-round revenue stream.

See our Case Studies here and here.

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We have many years of combined experience designing and project managing sports, leisure and recreation facilities provision for golf courses, local authorities, schools and sports clubs. We have worked on projects including:

  • Multi-surface sports pitches – these can attract new client bases and regular income and can also attract clients to your other leisure facilities.
  • Practice facilities – from driving ranges to short game areas and practice nets, these facilities can enhance footfall during bad weather and help time-poor members keep their hand in.
  • Pump tracks and bike trails or cycle circuits – building a cycling track around your golf course can bring in revenue via an on-course bike shop and from increased footfall in your clubhouse or café.
  • Spas and gyms – open to club members and non-members, can be built onto existing buildings and can require little additional space. They can be a source of reliable, year-round revenue and attract a new market to your golf club.
  • Adventure Golf – this phenomenon has proved unanimously popular with children and families as well as schools, youth groups and corporate team building events.
  • Ornamental putting greens – an opportunity to attract an older, affluent client base while enhancing the plant interest and aesthetics of your golf course.
  • Catering and restaurant facilities – with many golf clubs gaining revenue from family functions and business bookings, enhancing catering, restaurant and hospitality functions can be a way to increase this revenue.

Many of these types of projects are candidates for funding and/or grants.

See our Case Studies here, here and here.

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  • The relocation of our golf club is a major undertaking and needs to be dealt with both sensitively and with great technical skills and in-depth planning knowledge. Weller Designs and Feilden + Mawson are a partnership that has proved to be instrumental in successfully meeting the Club's aspirations moving forward. I would thoroughly recommend their services to any golf club seeking relocation or major redevelopment.

    Michael Weaver Basingstoke Golf Club
  • Crown Golf have used Weller Designs and their associates across several golf course projects including course development, driving range and amenity areas. Our most recent project, in 2019, involved the design and planning support for three brand new holes and the complete reconfiguration of the golf course, which has worked out extremely well and has made a significant improvement to the course layout, as well as providing land for valuable housing development opportunities. We have found Weller Designs to have a clear understanding of both the golf and commercial aspects of design, as well as the planning process, and would be happy to recommend them if you are considering works to strengthen your golf business, be that through additional golf or leisure facilities, or creating an opportunity for residential development.

    Stephen Towers Crown Golf

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