Our extensive experience in accessing funding means you can have ambitious plans

Grants and match funding

Public bodies like Sport England, London Marathon Charitable Trust, Entrust, The Football Association, British Cycling and local councils are keen to fund or match-fund local sports and leisure projects that meet certain criteria.

Grant applications require specialist skills and Weller Designs has successfully accessed funding for over 130 projects that might otherwise not have been viable or that have been more ambitious than originally imagined.

Using recovered soil to fund sports and leisure projects

Weller Designs has experience accessing funding through soil recovery; soil is a non-renewable resource and the UK Government and Environment Agency are keen that it does not end up in landfill.

Soil can be taken out of construction sites and used in sports- and leisure-based schemes, offsetting or covering the costs by commanding a royalty for allowing soil hauliers to deposit their soil at an approved site.

This royalty varies from project to project and each scheme has its own planning and Environment Agency requirements.

Private investors

Weller Designs also works with investors and other private funding organisations who could be introduced to schemes.

A proven partnership enabling golf clubs to thrive

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