Basingstoke Golf Club

Location: Hampshire
Type: Relocation + Housing and masterplanning

Due to continuing boundary issues with encroaching properties causing safety concerns, Basingstoke Golf Club decided to look at moving the club and, with the support of the local planning authority, sought to realise the potential of their land for the members, at the same time, having the opportunity to create a superb new facility that was future-proofed as a business but free of urban pressures.

Weller Designs assisted Basingstoke Golf Club in identifying sites and undertook feasibility studies for each site (both greenfield land and existing golf clubs).

Weller Designs recommended, through close liaison with the club, to move to a nearby course at Dummer, and seek to upgrade the facility entirely with a new clubhouse, range, greens, tees, and full irrigation. Planning is underway for this existing new course with Feilden + Mawson LLP Architects leading the design team for the clubhouse.

  • The relocation of our golf club is a major undertaking and needs to be dealt with both sensitively and with great technical skills and in-depth planning knowledge. Weller Designs and Feilden + Mawson are a partnership that has proved to be instrumental in successfully meeting the Club's aspirations moving forward. I would thoroughly recommend their services to any golf club seeking relocation or major redevelopment.

    Michael Weaver Basingstoke Golf Club

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